• TAMPRO Headquarter, Magomeni, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam


Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association (TAMPRO) is a well established Muslim Faith Based Organization (FBO) and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania. It is legally registered with Registration Number SO.No. 8994 in 22nd August 1997, under the Societal Ordinance of 1954, objectively to mobilize and facilitate graduate Muslim professionals to effectively utilize their professionalism for the betterment of the Muslims and Tanzanian Community in general by facilitating them to become responsible for improving their wellbeing.

Projects & Activities

Sotele Secondary School

Sotele Secondary School with about 350 students is an ordinary level co-education boarding school established with the purpose of providing quality secondary education with Islamic values to the children. Largely, Sotele secondary school serves Muslim students from …

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Community Health and Wellness Training

TAMPRO runs a Baytul Mal (charity) project established in 2003. Charity (Zakat) is the Third Pillar of Islam and under the Baytul Mal project, funds are collected every year from economically well off believers and distributed to …

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TAMPRO used to run Safina Teachers’ Training College at Tabata in Dar es Salaam. In 2010 TAMPRO received Turkish brothers who wanted to help Muslim community in Tanzania including provision of free education.

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Formation and Operation of Pooling Fund to Finance Muslim Initiatives and Muslim Owned Social Economic Development Projects

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TAMPRO has established close functional links with public and private institutions to realize its goals and objectives toward serving the Muslim community and the Tanzanian society at large.

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