• TAMPRO Headquarter, Magomeni, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam

TAMPRO leaders receiving brief from Sotele Head Master (first left) during their visit to the school in November, 2010. This is part of implementation of monitoring and evaluation plan of the school project.

Sotele Secondary School with about 350 students is an ordinary level co-education boarding school established with the purpose of providing quality secondary education with Islamic values to the children. Largely, Sotele secondary school serves Muslim students from rural and urban poor families as well as orphans. The school was registered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Tanzania (Registration number is S. 701) and it is the main undertaking of TAMPRO. It is in a rural area, 72 km South East of Dar es Salaam City, close to Indian Ocean. Dar es Salaam is the main business City of Tanzania. Religiously, the vast majority of the population in Sotele and other neighbouring villages is Muslim (98%), although the area also has accommodated Christians who constitute only about 2% of the total population. The school is accessible by road throughout the year and also by mobile phones.

Expansion of Sotele Secondary Using IDB Funds

In 2011 TAMPRO received grant amounting USD 290,000 from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for expansion of Sotele Secondary School. Construction of classrooms, dormitories and laboratories is of the expansion. The construction is on progress and planned to be completed in this year (2012).