• TAMPRO Headquarter, Magomeni, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam


TAMPRO is a voluntary, third sector organization of Muslim professionals in Tanzania that was founded and registered in August 1997 to enable Muslim professionals in Tanzania to serve the Muslim community in a structured and organized way.


Become a leading professional organization in Tanzania that promotes spiritual and socio-economic advancement to solve problems facing the Muslim community, the poor and other disadvantaged communities in Tanzania and elsewhere.


To introduce and implement intervention programs that would create opportunities to improve the well being of Muslims and the society in general


Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association is working to create an enabling environment for the following services:

  • Needs Analysis: Determine what gaps exist in the social economic environment that impacts negatively on Muslims and recommend solutions;
  • Coaching: Guide stakeholders all over the country through various scenarios related to humanity to help them understand and take appropriate actions that will influence policies, guidelines and legislation that concerns the welfare of Muslims and the society in general;
  • Consulting: Carry out consulting services to Muslims of different social strata at relatively affordable costs compared to market prices for the same kind of service;
  • Knowledge transfer: Establish and operate various knowledge transfer channels to facilitate both access and excellence; academically and professionally, to Muslims and other members of the society;
  • Capacity development for both ordinary members of the Muslim community and Muslim professionals: Facilitate training and capacity building for Muslims, both professionals and other members of the community throughout the country on management, planning, proposal writing, resource mobilization, entrepreneurship, good governance, rights, and Islamic issues mainstreaming;




 Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association (TAMPRO) Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association (TAMPRO) is a member based organization established in 1997 as a platform on which Muslims professionals in Tanzania could serve the Ummah. It is legally registered (Reg. No. 8994) under the Society Ordinance, objectively to mobilize graduate Muslim professionals to effectively utilize their professionalism for the betterment of the Muslim and Tanzanian Community at large by facilitating them to become responsible for improving their wellbeing. The Association Head Office is in Dar es Salaam and has 12 branches throughout the country. TAMPRO has a membership of more than 700 professionals countrywide with diverse backgrounds with their education level ranging from Ordinary Certificates to Doctorates (PhDs). Various public and private institutions engage the TAMPRO members and they take time off to attend the affairs of the association voluntarily. There are five full time working employees who serve the head office.